Thursday, May 11, 2023

VMI Dredge Extension Kit Video - Easy Bolt On and Off Design To Expand Dredging Depth

 Contact us to learn more about extending the depth of your dredging with the VMI Dredge Extender kits, Designed for quick and easy bolt on and off design so you can use it with or without the extension.

dredge extension kit to improve dredging depth and maximize dredging capabilities.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

VMI Dredge in 1972

A VMI Dredge working in 1972!

VMI Dredges has been manufacturing dredges since 1972 here is one of the Dredges in action when it first started. Such an amazing history and heritage.  Originally started by Bob Vaughn and Gene Maitlen, it continues on after 50 years, to be family owned and operated by the third generation, Cash Maitlen  today!

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VMI Dredges - How to Improve your dredging depth- EXTENSION KITS FOR DREDGES

 Did you know you can get an Extension Kit to Dredge Deeper from VMI DREDGES?

This is the best way to increase your dredging depth and is available for the VMI Dredges MD-615 and MD-815 horizontal dredges.  The VMI Dredge Extension kit has an easy bolt on and off design for ease of use with or without the extension.

 VMI’s extension kits allow you to upgrade your MD-815 Horizontal Dredge to have a maximum digging depth of 20 feet (6.09 meters). Once installed, these kits are removable and can be taken on and off for transportation or to shorten the dredge back to the standard, 15 feet (4.57 meters), maximum digging depth depending on your application needs.

Call us and we would love to share more information and help with all your dredging equipment needs.  

At VMI we have been manufacturing the highest quality dredges and dredge equipment for over 50 years! 
We are family owned and operated and would love to help you with all your dredging needs we can customize to your specific applications and help you tackle your projects with the greatest productivity and ease to help your revenue flow!
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Call us to discuss the options available at
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

City of Clinton Oklahoma gets New Dredge!

 The Clinton Daily
Wednesday, April 28, 1982

With the City of Clinton's new dredge hurling silt from the bottom of Lake Clinton up on the shore, and with local businessmen and visitors eating barbeque and "all the trimmings: at picnic tables in the background.  Mayor Charles L. (Buzz) Goodwin is shown presenting Dredge Manufacturer Gene Maitlen with a check for $157,629 as city and VMI Company officials look on. 

The Clinton Daily, Clinton, Oklahoma

Monday, April 17, 2023

The New VMI Mini Dredge -Model 8000

Here is an Interesting Blast from the Past - When the Mini Dredge was released!

The VMI Mini Dredge Model 8000 is designed to do big jobs at a minimum cost. It has the capability of dredging up to 14 foot deep and has a full 8 food unhindered suction.  Its pontoons only draw a 20 inch draft, and it's overall width allows it to be transported as a legal load from site to site. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Dredging Applications - Mining - Environmental Remediation -Construction

 VMI Dredges are designed to be versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including mining, environmental remediation, and construction.

VMI Dredges - Dredge Manufacturer testing a new dredge on the test pond at the Manufacturing Facility!

VMI Dredge Manufacturing testing out another one of our dredges! Did you know you can purchase or simply rent one of our dredges and other d...